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THE MARS VINTAGE and other stories is an exciting  collection of new SFF stories set in space, on other planets and in the Arctic. 


First contact, awful first contact and what to do when you can't stay at home.

You can get this collection of short stories on and other Amazon vendors, as well as in Norwegian bookstores, like Norli Bokuset, Akademika, Tromsø Bruktbokhandel



Available formats: Hardcover, paperback and ebook. 



”There is a poetry of lyricism here, an elegance wedded to economy of expression. Like a painter’s vanishing-point, strange worlds stretch out their alien tendrils between lines, as real as any remorseless implication can make them. Such worlds to behold!”
- P. Stuart Robinson, 2020


”These stories are all told in a very narrow point of view — what the character sees and how she sees it, with a lot if internal monologue. As a lover of epic sci fi, I usually want more – give me the wide picture, the space battles, the multiple points of view. But as I read Lykke’s stories, I found myself drawn in to each character and their individual circumstances, and the “wanting more” part became an essential part of the story. I truly enjoyed this collection, as well as the fact that the protagonists in every story were strong women, none of whom needed saving in the end. if you enjoy mystery in your sci-fi, and tightly-wound tales well-told, give this one a try.”

- Liminal Fiction


5.0 out of 5 stars A fine sci-fi vintage Reviewed in the United States on June 15, 2021

“I really enjoyed this anthology, especially the one named All I Need is a Spacesuit. Had me on the edge of my seat the whole time. I could picture everything. Looking forward to more sci-fi from Lykke.”         - Erik Martenson, author of Thalos Rising.

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